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This evening I taught/led a workshop on making camp blankets. Quilts, actually, with one side a cotton sheet and the other side flannel and a blanket as the fill. They are handy in that they can be washed & dried at home and two of them face to face make all that you need for a camp bedroll. Sleep with the sheet sides towards you on normal nights and the flannel sides on chillier ones. ^The bottom blanket takes care of the heat-saving padding needed for sleeping on an air mattress.

I was 10 minutes late for my class owing to an accident, I tripped on a very low curb (didn't see the edge) and fell with my hands poorly placed, hyper-extending the left hand's pinky and its neighboring finger while falling on it with all of my 300+lb weight. The pinky snapped like a dry twig just above the first knuckle. The break appears very clean and realigned itself somehow before we reached the Doc-in-a-box which was only two blocks away. It, the next finger, and my wrist, are stabilized now. I'm to call an orthopedic centre in the morning so it can be fully examined and set. Knitting back together will likely take 4-6 weeks... I will go crazy without the use of my dominate hand for so long!

AND I'll be in a cast during our SCA Kingdom's Crown Tourney (which my group is hosting and I am the Royalty Liaison for) as well as during the weekend of a Viking-era Norse reenactment I promised to attend since the focus is on the women's world of Norse life. That is going to be up in the air until I can figure out if I can plausibly hide the cast and more importantly do any kind of women's work one-handed with my non-dominate hand. while also forgoing my glasses. That might be too much for me, truly.
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