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And this is the lobby of the theater as seen through the ticket seller's window outside
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Here is a picture of the 'tiny' Lego mini-set that was sold which reproduces the larger city sets. I have two pictures - one is of the three larger buildings I own with the full mini-set in front of them, and the next is of the individual buildings to compare.

mini and maxi city kits

mini and maix kits comparison
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It has been a couple of days of filing-labour in my house... I'd placed all the heraldic files of submissions in two boxes while I didn't have the Kingdom file cabinets, then I did have those but being slothful, I continued to use my two boxes. Those were the recent submissions, doncha know, so I didn't often need anything from the cabinets. Finally my boxes did overflow and it was time to merge the piles. Only, there were gaps. Extablished kingdom persons with missing files. I was confused. That is, I was confused until I found, buried in two other file boxes unlabelled by my predecessor, a full set of other files, some the permanent ones pulled from the drawers and the rest 'temporary' ones with sticky-tabs showing names on them. Those all necessitated me checking past LoIs to find which version of name was actually approved and then re-labelling the folder. At the end, there were five full boxes of folders. My (new) deputy put one whole box away for me and today (ta-da!) I got the other four integrated into the full collection. That is one mess cleaned up. The library looks better with all of the boxes empty and stacked into themselves. All I have is my 'working' box with each month's submissions placed in monthly folders. Those get cleaned out once their LoAR is published.

To celebrate I ordered Cal'z chicken wings (an indulgence I cannot afford often and the carbs and calories are out-of-this-world) and am now building the last of my Winter Village lego sets. I'd like to have my little village diorama built before the kids get here for their visit. I've used up about 2/3 of the top of the kingdom filing cabinets as a display area. It's not too bad... a little tall, and the Christmas lights I'm using around the edge are kind of dorky looking. I went to the store too late to get tube lights and I should have just skipped that bit this year and figured out an alternate method of lighting it up.

Time to get back to it. I've just finished a skating pond and a tree stand with a horse-drawn tree wagon. Now on to the bakery!
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I have a pile of paper on the table behind me and a pile of fabric on the table in the kitchen. Both are crying out to get taken care of, and both are going to be time consuming. What I should probably do is alternate between one and the other - but I feel the creative itch (I sort of dreamed about outfits to make with the fabric) so I think the paper is going to be neglected for a little while longer. Can't neglect it too long - it has already gone longer than I've ever let anything go unfinished.

I ordered a new Lego kit a few days ago. It should arrive tomorrow or the next day. I won't be putting it together for weeks, probably, as I work on the stock needed for the Holiday Faire booth. But it will be patient, I'm sure. It's the new Theatre one. I'm not going to be able to get all the kits that I want before they go out of stock, darn it. Lego came out with too many simultaneously and I've just not got the funds. But oh, the decisions. I shall harden my heart and skip the Lord of the Rings & Hobbit ones (sob) so I can continue to collect all of the Castle sets.
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This is the minature "Green Grocer's Building". See the wood behind it?lego 10230 D

And this is the actual building. That short pile o'wood behind it is the 'huge' backdrop for the little one.
city lego 10185 building front
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Leftovers are all-lll gone. I cooked the smallest turkey in my Thanksgiving-cooking life last week and the leftover bits lasted about, oh, two days. I think that little thing was twelve pounds. 12 pounds does not make for very many post-holiday sandwiches for four people! At least, not for three men and one woman. Nor did the fruit salad last long. So off I go today to visit the commisssary again and buy, yes, another turkey. Which will be roasted and deboned for yummy sandwiches as well as adding to my gumbo stock. I feel the need to make gumbo. And stew, too. A big pot of beef stew would make me very happy.

I've been resting more. Sleep has been high on the list of things I do whenever the mood strikes and as a result my discomfort while standing has lessened. I timed myself while on my feet and was rather stunned by the result as I would have sworn that I had no back pain at all but in fact there is pain about 9-10 minutes after I stand, and it is a good five minutes or longer after that before my legs start to go numb. I notice the numbness but I'd been so busy with the doing of things (and the mind-ghosting refrain of "gotta hurry, gotta hurry") that I was never aware of the low back pain. People's advice was read and heeded. I've been using the handicapped tag for parking. I have to admit, I was very grateful for it at Whole Foods! We would have been parking in Outer Mongolia had I not that tag. (And our parking spot gave Bossman a chance to notice something I'd read about but he'd missed - the free electric car charging pole at the front of the store's parking lot.)

Our Youngest helped me put together a Lego kit. Or rather, he started one while I worked on another, as neither of us were interested in the Thanksgiving Day football game. It had sucked in Bossman and provided a in-chair nap excuse for Opi, so we were left with a wide empty table and a disinclination to continue playing games (we'd all played cards for a couple of hours). The haunted house kit isn't like other tall building kits. You can't build each floor separately and then put one on the other. So he started that while I hunkered down to build the little five building miniature street set. Oy, was that a pain in the patoot! Over 1300 pieces and none of them bigger than a two-point lego piece. Most were those tiny little 1/3 singles. I was impressed by the creator's ingenuity and completely cold to the end product. Mostly because I'd not really enjoyed making them. Taking over the haunted house after Shawn left made me much happier! (And the ladder to the attic is Da Bomb! So very cool! And yet, not so cool... I was missing pieces again. This time, instead of calling and getting a customer service rep who will merely make soothing noises at me, I'm moved to write a real, actual, paper letter of complaint.
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Yet more. I had a little more free time (buiding Legos was easier on my cold-induced headache than reading a computer screen was) so I built the Kingdom Joust set. Oh, it's nice! Here are some photos: Read more... )
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I built my (only) two Lord of the Rings Lego sets this evening. And because I love you, I'm putting the pictures, which I took using candles as my lighting, behind the cut. But I did want to record them online somehow. Read more... )
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Guess what came in the mail yesterday?

The Grand Emporium

I especially like the crystal chandelier and the rotating door... the escalators looks neat but I'm not really sure anyone can stand on them - the levers are odd.
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All he can do is roll his eyes and step carefully away... coming March 17th: The Emporium - first floor:clothing and jewelry, second floor: housewares, third floor: toys.

Have they got my number, or what?


Dec. 31st, 2009 05:14 pm
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I think I neglected to post these pictures of MY Medieval Village )
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Aie! I have frozen my fingers! I actually thought it was a good idea to go outside and take pictures of my newest Lego building in what passes as sunlight during the winter. *shiver* Whoa, is that cold work.

For those who are interested in a two story urban Firehouse as interpreted by Legos Company - or who just want to see if the cook really is holding a Nathan's hot dog. )

Um, Wow

Jul. 3rd, 2009 04:26 am
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You may think it odd, but I don't want this. I do, however, admire it. And I love carousels - but the more delicate "exact miniature" sort. I'll stick to castles and city buildings. :)

From the website:
Take a ride on the Grand Carousel!

It’s a wonderful day for a ride on the merry-go-round! This elegant and beautifully detailed LEGO model isn’t just for show – it really spins and plays music while the horses and swing boats move up and down! Built with intricate, lifelike ornaments and features, the Grand Carousel is a spectacular addition to any LEGO display or carousel collection. Includes 9 minifigures and LEGO Power Functions motor and sound brick. Measures 38.4 cm (15.1 in) x 38.4 cm (15.1 in) x 35.0 cm (13.8 in).

•Experience the romance of this merry-go-round decorated with brightly colored elements!
•Features 9 minifigures including ride operator!
•The platform rotates and the music plays!
•The swing boats and galloping jumper horses move up and down!
•Lots of realistic details including reflective decals on the center pole, ornate ornamentation, fleur de lys, bejeweled horses and profiles of jesters!
•The tent-like top is made of canvas!
•The Grand Carousel measures 38.4 cm (15.1 in) x 38.4 cm (15.1 in) x 35.0 cm (13.8 in)!
•Requires 6 AA (1.5V) batteries, not included.
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While out making copies of cheques I was depositing for the SCA, before I hit the gym to make an appointment with a trainer*, I passed Toys R Us. That may have been a mistake )

I mean, the Grim Reaper was tempting enough but once I saw the Elizabethan Queen and then the Jester, well.... they just couldn't stay in the store, now, could they? Besides, I'll need them for my someday-"Medieval Village".

*Tomorrow morning I meet him and have my eval & first session. He's a retired Marine - wish me luck!


May. 16th, 2009 01:47 pm
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I have taken pictures of my new building. There are 6 behind the cut.
Does this make me a slum Lord? )
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After going to the meeting (and the obligatory restaurant afterwards for breakfast-for-dinner) we got home and I attacked the building.

The first floor is done. It took me three hours and I am actually calling it quits for the night... It is 3:00 am and I want to fully enjoy this thing so I'm going to go to bed and dream about it - then get up and make the second story. Oddly, the grocery store looked more impressive when it was half-built. Once the walls got up towards ceiling height they obscured some of the details and even looking through the windows & doors there is less impact than when it was open.

I love the little mailboxes. Each one of them has one letter in it, sealed with a kiss. I suppose for reality's sake I should double up on one box and let one be empty. But why ruin a lego-person's life? Let them ALL have love letters! (There were no bills. Huh. Fantasy land indeed!)

The door to the grocery has golden entwined animals in the Urnes Style (Viking-era Norse) which just tickled me pink.
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SQUEEEEE!!!! (Do not be concerned if, around 5:30edt, you heard a high-pitched dolphin sort of sound. That was just me when Arn walked in with a big box under his arm.)

My Mother's Day gift has arrived. I shall NOT be sleeping tonight. I can barely force myself to go to the barony's Activity Night because this

will be at home waiting for me. WOOT! It is SO cool! Three seperate stories that you can take apart, a grandfather clock & fireplace (with fireplace tools) in the apartment, working fire escape, a store refrigerator stocked with food, a cash register.... gargoyles on the roof. Well - it is the gene-selected child of a Lego/Dollhouse marriage and I am SO THRILLED.

Lovely day

Apr. 28th, 2009 12:53 pm
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Yesterday was lovely. Thank goodness for air conditioning! And the evening was Lego Night (Whoop!) - I got my castle done fairly quickly, which surprised me until I realised that it was a far more 'airy' design than most, so got to help [ profile] vander_hazaerdt with his - that was one that took more than 2 1/2 hours to build. It is sitting on our dining room table waiting to be taken apart and put away again.

The drawbridge is a work of art, I tell you. What an impressive castle. Even if it only came with one horse. (What's with that?!) My story is that the dragon ate all the other ones. :)

[Edit] for Merely Marcus, a picture of the castle )
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In case you don't read Eldred's LJ...

A working loom made of legos. He finds the coolest stuff...
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