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What resource would you use to find a new hobby in your local area?

We've been so active in the SCA over the years that just about all of the people we call friends are also in the SCA but only a handful of them live in the local area - and lately I've felt that I'd be happier if I wasn't involved with the local group... but I'll be darned if I can think of what to do otherwise during the week since all of the artistic itches I have all have been/are being scratched via the SCA. So I'm at a loss about where to look locally to find something else to have fun with.

Most outdoor activities are out for me right now, and it seems as though museum touring and such is just a bit too passive. I got to thinking "what DO people do when they aren't going to the beach or the movies?"
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I am mad enough to spit nails. Some guy, some member of Rolling Thunder, who my husband went out on a limb for so the guy could get a job at his company, out of the blue, this dude laid false charges to the HR department that my husband was stalking his wife and almost lost my husband his job. Why? Who knows. They barely know each other. That - person - dishonors his squire's belt AND his Rolling Thunder medallion.


(And I mean that. How could he? What on earth, what kind of evil, would prompt a person to do that? What did he think he had to gain? They don't even see each other outside of rare fighter's practises - how could he set out to lie to destroy a man's reputation and job, not to mention his family's security - over what? Something that is in his imagination? Some slight that irked him years ago so badly that he had to make up a story to get revenge? The two haven't interacted, save when the guy would call to ask Arni's advice every once in a while, for years. Arni hasn't seen the dude's wife in years either, save one time last spring when she came to a Fighter's Practise. And he was busy marshalling that. He doesn't have their phone number - he doesn't have their address. I do - because they're on our Christmas Card list. I can't even believe I sent them a Christmas card and wished blessings on them.)

Arni asked me why I thought he was so very done with the barony and the SCA right now... I want to just drive to the guy's house and scream at him. Not that I would. I'll scream here and get it out of my system. But the Gods save him if he ever thinks to ask for my aid again. Arni might forgive him someday - but I never will.
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