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Insomnia sucks. Went to sleep, finally, at 9:00am and have to be up and ready to help a friend sew by 1:00... for the second day in a row. I even took pills designed to make me sleepy - all that accomplished was to make me groggy while still too tense to sleep. There has got to be a better way.

In the good news department, though, I had a wonderful time sewing with my friend yesterday. She cut out her second Del all by herself while I simply watched. Last week she cut out & sewed an early-period gown complete with underarm gussets all by herself. *sniff* Soon she won't need my encouragement at all - she's past the point of needing my help, even if she doesn't really realise it yet.

And lastely, a new offering from "Playing for Change". They flew in some of the artists to meet for the first time in the flesh and to play together onstage:

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"Playing for Change - Songs Around the World" has been released. It's only available as mp3 downloads for North American audiences right now - do I hold out for the CD or give in now?

Stand By Me:
THIS VIDEO/CUT ROCKS! I believe it is impossible to feel down or bad during the playing of this video.

War/No More Trouble: (thanks, Martelle!)
One Love:
Don't worry:
Music Revolution:
Peace Through Music trailer:

Decisions, decisions... the problem is, can I still drive safely while seat-dancing to "Stand By Me"? And what does that promise for the rest of the album?
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I was going to post a nice reflective entry but [ profile] heatermcca ruined it, simply ruined it, I say, by posting this great video, certainly one of the best wedding speeches ever )

Video fun

Apr. 14th, 2009 12:24 pm
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Julian Glover reads "Beowulf"
Caedmon's Hymn Song (West Saxon)
Byrhtnoð’s Lament: An Old English Pantoum

I'm purposely posting just the links because the list of videos on the sides of them leads to even more fun stuff.
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