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I posted this on Facebook but I am also posting it here, where I'm fairly sure that any discussion will not be as dismissive of other people's views.

"Making hard choices in support of your religious beliefs and values is a sign of spiritual maturity. Making easy choices for yourself and forcing hard choices on others is not."

This writer put my thoughts into something which can be cohesively stated.
I know my friends are probably tired of this topic, and I know that some will just snort and instantly begin mentally writing a rebuttal before they even read the essay - that happens. But it would be nice if some could read this and think to themselves, "Even though I think they are wrong, I can see where they are coming from". Because I am so weary of our American Polarity.
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I want to post something better than 'health update, blah, blah, blah..." so I have a question - more religiously bent than morbid, actually. What do you think happens to 'you' when your body dies? What do you, personally, think will occur? Will your soul go elsewhere? Snuff out? What?

I have my own theory, of course, but I'm curious about other people's beliefs. We just saw a news piece about someone dying and their relative said, "They are with God now." but they didn't seem all that happy about it (I know, they are grieving) and that made me wonder - death is celebrated in some few countries but most mourn loss. Yet when I think about 'afterwards' I am filled with anticipation and curiosity for what I will experience. It isn't something I dread. So I wonder if we view our personal death in a vastly different way than we do the death of someone we care about.
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Healing Chant

Deep in my Bone
the Goddess is alive
Deep in my cells and blood
the Life Force is strong
Deep in my heart and spirit
I believe I will heal
I feel the Goddess at my core
filling me with faith and health
Abundant Life Forces of the Universe
flow in me, and banish all disease
My blood,
my bones,
my cells
and my body are healing now,
are healing now
The Goddess force is in me and healing me now
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I'm converting some old printouts to an electronic file so am saving some stuff here, too. This is all "open" stuff, of course. :)

The Law of the Priest and Priestess

You may come to them for a few moments,
then go away and do whatever you will:
...their love is unchanging.
You may deny them to themselves or to yourself,
then curse them to any who will listen:
...their love is unchanging.
You may become the most despised of creatures,
then return to them;
...their love is unchanging.
You may become the enemy of the Gods themselves,
then return to them;
... their love is unchanging.
Go where you will; stay however long you will and
come back to them;
... their love is unchanging.
Abuse others; abuse yourself; abuse them and
come back to them;
... their love is unchanging.
They will never criticize you;
They will never minimize you;
They will never fail you, because to them
you are everything and they themselves are nothing.
They will never deceive you;
They will never ridicule you;
They will never fail you, because to them
you and God/dess-nature,
To be served and they are your servants.
No matter what you become,
They await you always.
They know you; they serve you; they love you.
Their love for you, in the changing world, is unchanging.
Their love, Beloved, is unchanging.
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