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I find the forced air to be irritating, and the noise (sort of a 'background ocean wave noise' right in front of your face) to really be distracting although I've been told that one of my friends who went through the bariatric weight loss process still has to turn on his cpap each night - not to use it himself, but to lull his wife to sleep with the sound. So I'll probably adapt.

I can positively state that it makes answering the bedside telephone a real pain in the patoot. [picture a sideways smile here]

I've used it for three days and have only had one night of leg cramping. It had gotten to 'daily', so this is an improvement. And while I haven't had as much sleep as had become 'normal', I am more alert and able to think than I have been in a long while - even if I am also somewhat sleepy. I've not managed more than five and a half hours of sleep each night so that is understandable. In fact, I'm up now rather than in bed because I've reached the point where the noise and air pressure bothers me more than being awake would. I'm leery of napping later on since that often hoses up getting to sleep at night but I may just give in and skip the machine for that while. Perhaps an alarm setting for 90 minutes would work.

Random acts of house cleaning are happening more often. Clearing of horizontal surfaces is also happening and my (long overdue) checking account balancing is imminent since it doesn't terrorize me to consider tackling it. These are all wonderful effects. Oh, and I went back to monitoring my foods (calories and carbs) today after months of being too overwhelmed to do so. The scale does not hate me, thank goodness. I guess the changes in diet have become ingrained, but my glucometer, well... let's just say I'll be avoiding my doctor until I can get things down to a better level for the next AC1 test. Because right now, he'd be insisting on insulin. I know I can get it under control again with a return to carb-watching and this newly re-found physical energy.

I am seriously considering skipping the account balancing to go take a bike ride instead.
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