Jan. 10th, 2017

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Is there such a thing as a support group for "Family Members of Those Who Refuse To Get a Needed Hearing Aid" (FMTWRGNHA)?

When I think I'm whispering, I'm not.

Everything said in private, every 'conversation starter' must be repeated. Or repeated twice. This means observations in the car must be weighed by how far away the observed thing is, lest it be behind us before the words are heard sufficiently to have meaning.

Being a Drama/Singing person in school is good training for living with a hearing-impaired person, as pitching one's voice to the back of the room is already a learned skill. However, see the comment about 'whispering'.

Sometimes, this is maddening.
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I'm following the example of many folks who have transferred their journaling over to Dreamwidth. I will be 'unsubscribing' from the LJ accounts of those who blog at DW so I won't have reading lists with multiple duplicate posts. So if you get a notification that I've buggered off from your account here, it should be because I'm reading you there.

If I mess up and unsubscribe here from you when you are NOT there, and you notice it, please leave me a comment here - I'm not abandoning LJ. In fact, it is still my homepage.
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