Jan. 23rd, 2017

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I've been sleeping most of each day away. It seems to be a snowball effect - as the days go by my average number of sleeping hours increase. The tech at the Sleep Study lab tells me this is because I'm not getting much REM sleep in a 'session of rest' so end up increasing the number of 'sessions' and this will abate once the cpap arrives. If it does. It appears there is the normal amount of confusion in authorizations and approvals between insurance/cpap provider/prescribing medical office so waiting is. Medical stuff - makes me wish I lived in some other specific countries.

I was thrilled and proud to see how many of my friends and acquaintances took part in the Women's Walk last Saturday. I could not but spent the day checking social media to hear all about how it was going for my friends and for all those other people who crammed themselves into transportation and destination in each city. It made my heart swell.

I was once a Mormon. They have a tenet of tithing, which I have kept to. Usually, my husband and I pick through various charities and donate to those we feel are in need, but we've decided that given the social/political atmosphere in our nation, we will be diverting some of those funds to organisations like the ACLU and other minority-protection groups. It feels a little rough, taking money (as it were) from buying goats and chickens, or helping out on the funding of a reservation library, to 'doing politics' but the future looks very bleak for freedom at least in the USA right now, and it seems our duty is best served in preserving as much as we can.
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