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I may be the only person in the USA who was not excited about the solar eclipse travelling through yesterday. I think I burnt up all my excitement a long time back, with my first one, so now it is just another cool thing rather than an exciting one.

I slept all day and into the night tonight. I'm only up right now because of thirst and a finally-realized desire for Sudafed. If my sinuses are clogged, I swear my head clogs too. Most likely I have larger sinus cavities than brain box. Or that is my story.

I've been commissioned to make a bunch of small bags for a friend. 150 of them, in fact, with no real guidelines other than their size and that they should look medieval-ly appropriate. I really am "the bag lady", aren't I? I didn't think of that when I told my friend I'd enjoy doing this for them. It took my husband to point it out on the way home from Pennsic while we were talking about All Things SCA. Oops. I guess my image is going to solidify after this. I doubt that I'll be knitting any of them - that is certainly different. I will be doing embroidery and beadwork on them though, at least on most of them. I'm feeling inspired about them right now, if you can believe that. I decided that I'd limit myself to small batches of them, using "fat quarters" for the most part, so that there will not be many which are identical. And I'll use a mix of lucetted or kimihumo'd cords as well as commercially produced ones. The bags should work out to be about 3x4 inches each and even though that is small, I will make them with two cords for closing rather than just one. For no real reason except that I think it looks better.
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I noticed, again, something that periodically puzzles me. Why do people who walk away from an organization in disgust continue to stay on that organization's social media and feel driven to post replies that play the "I walked away specifically for that (or this) reason" theme?

If you quit, why are you bothering to read the group's discussions? When I quit being a part of an organization, as I did with the Boy Scouts, for example, I leave their social media pages too. It doesn't make sense to take the time to read their discussions.

The only thing I can think of is that those 'quitters' really didn't want to leave the group and are looking for some way to fit back in, for something to inspire them to overcome their memories of the bad in the hope that there will be a new something good.
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Our repaired and inspection-passed truck has been returned to us, after we paid a partial ransom for it. The rest of the well-earned blackmail money will be sent from Cooper's Lake after the first of August.

Finally I am doing a sewing project for Pennsic prep. Bossman has a Glastonbury chair which needs a seat cushion. Luckily I have a scrap of green & gold upholstery fabric which will do well to be one, and sufficient batting to fill it. If I'm lucky there will be a big enough piece of it left over that I can use it to craft the front of a back cushion for it also. The trick will be to figure out how to put the cushioning on the back rest since the chair is unfinished and so nails and brads as Right Out. If you have a suggestion, I'm all ears. Bossman suggests strapping it on at left & right sides, with Velcro to connect the strap pieces. As you'd expect, this disturbs my medieval Wa.

I got a fabulous bit of news from a friend. After too many miscarriages, her 10-year-old son will have a younger sibling when the weather turns. She's past the dangerous first trimester so it looks like smooth sailing from here. I am so thrilled for her!
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I have a question for those reading this who are also in the SCA.

What would you feel about a woman who mooned (dropped her drawers and presented her bare bottom to others) a performer she knew well during a bardic circle in her baronial encampment while children were present? Would you find this amusing? Would your feelings be different if the woman was a newcomer, or a mid-level award holder, or a Peer? Would you have differing views depending upon circumstances?
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Oh my goodness. The medication has definitely worn off. Today is Eat All The Things Day. I have even eaten two huge bowls of Lucky Charms cereal. Two 3-cup bowls of sugar... and I craved it.

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My vision is coming back into focus. That is one less worry for me.

My Pennsic staff members have sorted out all their difficulties (so far as they are letting me know) so I am feeling very positive about how this year is going to go. And now we're into the 'fun time' - pre-packing for the event, whittling down, in my case, the things that I've been bringing every year so it won't be such a burden for my husband when it comes to loading up the truck. Besides - I have too much miscellaneous SCA stuff. I have a perfectly good, if somewhat eye straining, pink collapsible basket I could bring for trips to the shower, except it is full to the brim with SCA tchotchke I've been holding on to, meaning to 'find the right place' to pass it on or to use some time in the future. I am determined, this year, that it get emptied out and all that stuff removed from my house or actually used.
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I've lost the last three days to sleeping. I'm not ill, simply drugged. Tomorrow I discontinue the Effexor - I can cope with depression or anxiety until after Pennsic and we can try a new medication then, when I don't have deadlines and responsibilities looming.

Besides, I'd like to spend some time with my husband, who changed out of his pjs to make a 10:30pm food run* for me right now, anyway, I'd like more time with him than an hour or two between my sleeping periods.

Although I am going to miss the ease of not eating... I've lost 25 pounds since I started taking this stuff in May.

*10:30 at night and I've had 349 calories to eat all day. I'm not hungry even now but I must eat something. "No less than 1300 calories daily" said the nutritionist. He has gone to McDonald's - of all places - to fetch a Quarter-pounder, French fries, and a milk shake in the hopes that I can choke most of it down. All my healthy (and far too low-calorie) food in the house is making my tummy roil just at the thought of it. There is no way I could eat enough of it to bring my numbers up so junk food it is.
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I haven't posted much lately as I've been coping with the side effects of a new prescription which have been somewhat debilitating. It is for depression & anxiety, which are something I have a hard time admitting to myself that I am suffering from. It seems too easy to take things day-by-day and not see the cumulative effect until something forces you to do so. I'm not sure I am comfortable, yet, with taking a 'mood altering drug' as I am an old-school kind of person who believes that I ought to be able to bootstrap myself back up to 'normal'. Other people have a legitimate need for medication, but not me! I should be able to tough it out and fix my own attitude. Funny how we're so often mor3e judgmental about ourselves than we are about others.

Well, my blinders weren't working and unstarted or unfinished chores hit the stage of being direly overdue so I was no longer able to feed myself excuses. And thus the medication.

It causes tremors and sleepiness (but not much success in actual sleeping), as well as excessive sweating and worse, it has affected my vision so my glasses - trifocals - do not give me clear vision in any strength. That irks me as they are brand new and there is no way I can afford purchasing $450 worth of glasses 'just because' only months after getting these ones. I've been spending a lot of time in bed staring at the inside of my eyelids or reading books in a bid to get tired enough to achieve real sleep. You'd think that would be a cause for anxiety all on its own but no, it just makes me more prone to laying there bored.

So I've not had much to write about. Even this post strikes me as "blah, blah, health whining, blah".

Tomorrow we're having friends over to celebrate the Fourth of July. Or more truthfully, we're using the holiday as an excuse to have friends over. None of us truly feel celebratory about the USA right now. I'm looking forward to laughter and weird foods. I think everyone coming over is bringing something different and they all have lists of things they refuse to eat. So it should be an eclectic mix. We're firing up the grill. Folks will being a meat for themselves and a side to share. I made an offhand remark to my husband about the sorts of foods we once thought of as traditional for this holiday and now I'm cudgeling my brain trying to remember what goes into 'traditional' jello with fruit in it. His eyes lit up when I mentioned it so here we go.
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I did not know that normal treatment of a broken finger, or even a dislocated wrist, required that the cast or splint be removed within 3 weeks of the injury lest the tendons and muscles around the break 'freeze' and mobility of the digit/wrist be lost permanently. The things we learn by way of living life...

So I am typing this cast-free, with two fingers still swollen and puffy. The break on the little finger is knitting although the skin is still dramatically bruised and swollen. I am guessing I jammed the ring finger but it is becoming easier to use while typing although the tip of each of them is tingly, and thus distracting. I am to daily attempt to bend them and use them, massaging them into easy movement else three weeks from now there will be the dreaded formal PT (as opposed to the at-home informal PT I get to do while the bones knit.)

We hosted an SCA event last weekend. It was our kingdom Crown Tourney. Normally, our Crowns are rather small with less that 300 people onsite. But this is a popular King and Queen, who put out a call to the Baronage and the Chivalry to provide challengers so our List was at 41, and attendance at 407 - record breaking for us.

We lost our contracted event site with cabins about a month ago when the owners decided to put it up for sale. It was a favored camp and a great loss. Churches are finding it harder and harder to afford the matainance. Heck, even our Scouting organizations are finding it difficult. (Holding events at Scout camps is not favored in our lush-filled kingdom. If there isn't alcohol allowed then there is little support for a camping event. This makes me sad.)

A couple who'd once lived in our barony retired across the state to a large estate of land, building their home and outbuildings by themselves pre-retirement. They specifically bought their land with an eye towards hosting SCA events. Their home (Silverleaf Estate) was our new site. Over the years they've built three outdoor showers, an outdoor kitchen (she'll use it for canning, too) and cleared enough space to set up sufficient shelter for over a hundred diners. We had 122 people onboard at Crown under two pavilions, with room for off-board diners.

I organized a Consort's breakfast. That was fairly easy. Mostly I've spent the last four weeks reminding the Autocrat about various things she either didn't think of or let drop. In some ways, I swear, I feel almost like I was the Autocrat! But that isn't fair - she came up with some creative solutions to the problems inherent in going from a full kitchen to a roughed-out one still in the works. And other members of the staff covered the numerous holes she hadn't recruited. So I was proud of my barony and the cooking staff - the Head Cook and his wife had just purchased a new house while their sale of the old one finalized the same day, only a week before the event. He was making sausages as he and she were packing boxes and doing final repairs to their old house.

Ouch. Done typing.
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Some of you may have noticed that I am not posting much. As happens, now is when I have ideas I'd like to explore but I have my writing hand in a big plaster cast so "waiting is". It should be removed next Monday and hopefully won't require further immobilization.
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Last Thursday during a fall (I tripped over a low curb) I broke my left pinkie in a really impressive Y-shaped green split fracture and dislocated sundry bones in my wrist and palm. We were only two blocks from a quick-serve medical clinic (Patient First) so in I went. Three X-rays and a splint later, I was out again. The fracture had set itself, thank goodness, but the misaligned bones were unremarked. There was no attempt at actually setting anything, just a splint to stabilize and the advice to visit an orthopedic office to be treated. It took three and a half days before an opening was available - I used a lot of the pain drugs before that happened. But now my left hand and wrist is in a pretty light blue cast and there is only pain when I do something stupid.

My husband thinks my brain flew out the window. I made him drive me to the store to buy socks to go over the cast. Right now it looks like an obscure bondage device. Even though we bought pretty socks. with two holes cut to allow the un-casted fingers and thumb out, the whole thing is covered to mid-forearm. And I can now move my arm, or get dressed, without the rough exterior folds of the cast catching on any clothing it comes in contact with. being a female, you can imagine that my bras are much safer than they'd been.

We went to a noisy restaurant for an SCA event staff meeting this evening. as my broken hand is also my dominate one, I ordered finger food so it was easier for me to keep up with the discussion than it was for most of the attendees. It looks like we'll have a good event, notwithstanding the autocrat's lack of organization and attention to the details that don't affect the Royal guests. Other staff members are (disgustedly) taking note of the things she's unconcerned about to ensure that they get covered. She's overbooked herself with her modern job and her time is fleeting - she's on the road a lot, even leaving the 1900 meeting to make a 3.5-hour drive to another city for a job that starts at 0500 this morning. She is a department head for a very busy Pennsic service. I sure hope this isn't an example of how things will go there!
But those folks are accustomed to punting so I have no major worries about them as long as they have electricity, internet, and plenty of crayolas.
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hey, does anyone know how to insert a photo from your/my files rather than a website? is that a 'paid member' function?
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This evening I taught/led a workshop on making camp blankets. Quilts, actually, with one side a cotton sheet and the other side flannel and a blanket as the fill. They are handy in that they can be washed & dried at home and two of them face to face make all that you need for a camp bedroll. Sleep with the sheet sides towards you on normal nights and the flannel sides on chillier ones. ^The bottom blanket takes care of the heat-saving padding needed for sleeping on an air mattress.

I was 10 minutes late for my class owing to an accident, I tripped on a very low curb (didn't see the edge) and fell with my hands poorly placed, hyper-extending the left hand's pinky and its neighboring finger while falling on it with all of my 300+lb weight. The pinky snapped like a dry twig just above the first knuckle. The break appears very clean and realigned itself somehow before we reached the Doc-in-a-box which was only two blocks away. It, the next finger, and my wrist, are stabilized now. I'm to call an orthopedic centre in the morning so it can be fully examined and set. Knitting back together will likely take 4-6 weeks... I will go crazy without the use of my dominate hand for so long!

AND I'll be in a cast during our SCA Kingdom's Crown Tourney (which my group is hosting and I am the Royalty Liaison for) as well as during the weekend of a Viking-era Norse reenactment I promised to attend since the focus is on the women's world of Norse life. That is going to be up in the air until I can figure out if I can plausibly hide the cast and more importantly do any kind of women's work one-handed with my non-dominate hand. while also forgoing my glasses. That might be too much for me, truly.
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After long over a decade, my Live Journal account is deleted.

I actually feel depressed about it.
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For a few months now I've been considering 'quitting' Pennsic staff. Not working while I'm there, but being a recognized staff member. Truth to tell, I'm 60 years old now and camping is becoming more difficult. Or more precisely, it is becoming more tiring.

Staff work there is fun, hard, and wonderful. I've made a lot of friends over the years and not working elbow-to-elbow with them would be a wretched thing. But in every volunteer organization, we end up with people who'd like to be 'key players' but who never get the chance because the old tried-and-true crew are already in those positions. And that is where I am, and maybe now it is time to move over.

I did that years ago as the Head Troll (I should write 'Head Tollner"). Had the job for five years and then moved out of the way so my highly-trained and champing at the bit assistants could have their turn. It was well worth it. Many of them went on to be the Head Troll themselves, and others to continue as a dedicated and trained middle staff, able to step in to the HT position easily if something happened to their department head.

Last year and the year before I was a Deputy Mayor. This year I am taking my first vacation and next year I am stepping back into the Deputy Mayor position. Probably, anyway, although our Mayor-to-be is being coy all of a sudden. He does that. It would not crush me to have him renege on his offer. It was in realizing that that I thought beyond it and wondered if it would crush me to NOT be one of the 'movers and shakers'. I've been on staff, in multiple positions, since Pennsic 21. We're heading into Pennsic 46. That is 24 straight years.

I think I'd enjoy moving back to being a watch-stander, a person signing up to man the desk/cart/counter for a few hours on a schedule I determined. To attend classes. To attend the A&S display without feeling rushed or derelict in my duties.

But giving up that sense of brotherhood with the team is a hurdle I'm not sure I'm ready to jump. This bears contemplation.
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Yay, all of my previous year's worth of entries have wandered on over from Live Journal to Dreamwidth. I really ought to pony up and pay for them to be printed and bound - not that anyone other than myself would want to read it but it would please me to have them in hand. I have even saved (electronically) all my entries from Diaryland. My goodness, how young I was...
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I find the forced air to be irritating, and the noise (sort of a 'background ocean wave noise' right in front of your face) to really be distracting although I've been told that one of my friends who went through the bariatric weight loss process still has to turn on his cpap each night - not to use it himself, but to lull his wife to sleep with the sound. So I'll probably adapt.

I can positively state that it makes answering the bedside telephone a real pain in the patoot. [picture a sideways smile here]

I've used it for three days and have only had one night of leg cramping. It had gotten to 'daily', so this is an improvement. And while I haven't had as much sleep as had become 'normal', I am more alert and able to think than I have been in a long while - even if I am also somewhat sleepy. I've not managed more than five and a half hours of sleep each night so that is understandable. In fact, I'm up now rather than in bed because I've reached the point where the noise and air pressure bothers me more than being awake would. I'm leery of napping later on since that often hoses up getting to sleep at night but I may just give in and skip the machine for that while. Perhaps an alarm setting for 90 minutes would work.

Random acts of house cleaning are happening more often. Clearing of horizontal surfaces is also happening and my (long overdue) checking account balancing is imminent since it doesn't terrorize me to consider tackling it. These are all wonderful effects. Oh, and I went back to monitoring my foods (calories and carbs) today after months of being too overwhelmed to do so. The scale does not hate me, thank goodness. I guess the changes in diet have become ingrained, but my glucometer, well... let's just say I'll be avoiding my doctor until I can get things down to a better level for the next AC1 test. Because right now, he'd be insisting on insulin. I know I can get it under control again with a return to carb-watching and this newly re-found physical energy.

I am seriously considering skipping the account balancing to go take a bike ride instead.
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I've been sleeping most of each day away. It seems to be a snowball effect - as the days go by my average number of sleeping hours increase. The tech at the Sleep Study lab tells me this is because I'm not getting much REM sleep in a 'session of rest' so end up increasing the number of 'sessions' and this will abate once the cpap arrives. If it does. It appears there is the normal amount of confusion in authorizations and approvals between insurance/cpap provider/prescribing medical office so waiting is. Medical stuff - makes me wish I lived in some other specific countries.

I was thrilled and proud to see how many of my friends and acquaintances took part in the Women's Walk last Saturday. I could not but spent the day checking social media to hear all about how it was going for my friends and for all those other people who crammed themselves into transportation and destination in each city. It made my heart swell.

I was once a Mormon. They have a tenet of tithing, which I have kept to. Usually, my husband and I pick through various charities and donate to those we feel are in need, but we've decided that given the social/political atmosphere in our nation, we will be diverting some of those funds to organisations like the ACLU and other minority-protection groups. It feels a little rough, taking money (as it were) from buying goats and chickens, or helping out on the funding of a reservation library, to 'doing politics' but the future looks very bleak for freedom at least in the USA right now, and it seems our duty is best served in preserving as much as we can.
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I'm following the example of many folks who have transferred their journaling over to Dreamwidth. I will be 'unsubscribing' from the LJ accounts of those who blog at DW so I won't have reading lists with multiple duplicate posts. So if you get a notification that I've buggered off from your account here, it should be because I'm reading you there.

If I mess up and unsubscribe here from you when you are NOT there, and you notice it, please leave me a comment here - I'm not abandoning LJ. In fact, it is still my homepage.
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Is there such a thing as a support group for "Family Members of Those Who Refuse To Get a Needed Hearing Aid" (FMTWRGNHA)?

When I think I'm whispering, I'm not.

Everything said in private, every 'conversation starter' must be repeated. Or repeated twice. This means observations in the car must be weighed by how far away the observed thing is, lest it be behind us before the words are heard sufficiently to have meaning.

Being a Drama/Singing person in school is good training for living with a hearing-impaired person, as pitching one's voice to the back of the room is already a learned skill. However, see the comment about 'whispering'.

Sometimes, this is maddening.
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